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A full service video production company based in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Coffee Productions prides itself on delivering broadcast quality work while making the process as enjoyable as possible. Web content, corporate videos, broadcast commercials - we do it all. Check out some of our latest spots along with the link to our full portfolio.

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RockHouse Studio is often met with "whoa this is a nice house," as it has all the comforts of a home, located right in Uptown. A massive shooting space which includes a dressing room, production offices upstairs, and outside patios make this a wonderful site for live events as well as a convenient film location.

The Roast

We've worked with start-ups, crowdfunded projects, and local charities all the way to Fortune 500 companies, partnering with agencies on national brands, and multi-million dollar campaigns.

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The Grind

We're lucky to be working with fantastic talent, and we're absolutely blessed that we can do so with some of the nicest people in the business. The work comes first, always, but is it really work if we're smiling while it gets done? Take a look at the fun behind the scenes.

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