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Coffee Productions is a full service production house that specializes in bringing stories to life.

About Luke Coffee

After graduating from Baylor University with a BA in Film/TV, Luke Coffee moved to Hollywood to pursue his lifelong passion for film and storytelling. He spent five years working long hours as the post-production coordinator on two primetime television shows for both Warner Brothers and NBC/Universal, while spending the TV hiatus working countless roles on various types of sets to gain more knowledge of the industry. After LA, Luke moved across the world to Cape Town, South Africa for six months producing a pilot for a travel-reality series entitled “Gypsy Kings" that was geared toward the World Cup.

In 2010, Luke Coffee moved back to his hometown Dallas,TX establishing his full service production house under the umbrella of his mentor director Rocky Powell’s company RockHouse Films. Luke has produced/directed everything from music videos to corporate industrials and web-based content to broadcast commercials even earning national accolades for his first few spots. Luke was brought on as a producer for Rocky's first feature film Language of a Broken Heart which had a successful theatrical run opening in 10 cities nationwide. In the last few years, Coffee has directed his first feature documentary entitled Old Man Football, co-wrote, produced and directed the TV pilot Cubicle Cowboy while also partnering on several other pilot projects. Luke will produce the feature he has co-written Texas Angel alongside Powell who will direct the film. The narrative, which is based on a true story, is currently in pre-production. Coffee is a working actor, booking various roles in national commercials, music videos, television and feature films. His recent highlights include co-starring roles on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”, Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Chase” and a lead role in Ridley Scott’s short film “The Hunt,” which was shot in South Africa. He also played a significant role as the jock a$$hole 'Drake' in Rocky's feature romantic comedy.

Luke Coffee has been a featured artist in Art House America. And in 2013, Coffee was officially added to the roster as the second Commercial Director alongside his good buddy Rocky Powell at RockHouse Films.

About Lon Lawson

Lon Lawson is the aspiring Renaissance Man, with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. He heads the post production operations of Coffee Productions.

After cutting his teeth in Northern Virginia editing documentaries and training videos for the Navy and Army Reserve, he graduated from the University of North Texas with Bachelor degrees in both Psychology and Film. He evolved into animation, motion graphics, special effects, art direction, still photography, and is also a represented actor doing stage improv comedy. He's edited festival-winning feature films, produced a web series, won a $10,000 video contest for CBS, and picked up a few acting awards for both live work and on camera.

A 6'6" capoeirista, it might be surprising to see him behind a computer all day. When he's not at work he's either going through a watchlist of classic films, making cinemagraphs, writing, or designing bodypaint shoots.

About Our Team

Coffee Productions is blessed to be under the guidance of RockHouse Films, the signatory older sibling of our in-house studio. Emmy Award winning director Rocky Powell and his executive producer Sharon Reinschmiedt bring with them 20+ years of experience working on campaigns with some of the world’s most successful brands like Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Budweiser, Harrah’s Casinos, Hasbro, Lowes, Verizon, Conoco, Subway, Sea World, Home Depot, Popeyes Chicken, CNBC, Texas Tourism, Texas Lottery, and many others. Coffee seeks out their vast pool of wisdom on every project we take on as the full service production house at RockHouse Studio.

As artists, we strongly believe in collaboration and have a wondeful circle of A-list freelancers we call upon to build the perfect crew for your project. We have facilitated everything from underwater photography & helicopter shots to puppeteering, special effects, music composition, and casting to name a few.

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Stories that entertain, educate, inspire, and motivate viewers across all mediums.


We truly love what we do, so let our energy and passion help drive your vision.

ROCKHOUSE STUDIO - Built by Rocky Powell in 1994, this three story uptown Dallas studio includes 1,800 square feet of naturally lit shooting space, production area, full kitchen, two bathrooms, dressing room with vanity, two exterior patios and a third story rooftop balcony. The studio has been host to Neiman Marcus, Southwest Airlines, Harrah’s Casinos, 7-Eleven, FedEx Office, as well as dozens of live concerts, charity events, and art shows.


Partner with us to transform that creative concept into a living story that can reach and impact your audience.

 Our turnkey company, @CoffeeProductions has been honored to receive multiple Davy and MarCom Ad awards within the last 6 months recognizing our excellence in production for our recent broadcast spots. We continued to be amazed to have the opportunity to surround ourselves with both a fun and amazingly talented crew that are the nuts and bolts of our team. Please be sure to consider us for all your broadcast/web commercial, corporate/industrial video and media needs here in 2015!!  #coffeeproductions #agencycreative #commercials #commercialshoot #corporatevideos #industrials #webspots #marketing #branding #media #turnkey #marcomawards #daveyawards #AwardWinning #CallUs #EmailUs  Doritos Bold Taste Experiment Shoot. Our uber talented @coffeeproductions crew partnered with our friends @themarketingarm to produce some new fresh commercials for Dorito's new "Jacked" flavors - the main 60s spot currently has over 3million online views and counting which makes us proud!! @lukewarmcoffee @leosantos #coffeeproductions #marketingarm #commercials #commercialshoot #texasfilm #fs700 #doritos #jackedflavors #boldtasteexperiment
 Another fantastic shoot with an awesome @coffeeproductions crew working alongside some hilariously talented comedic Texas actors. We partnered again with @agencycreative and shot these spots for the new C-Diff "Washed" campaign over three locations - Be sure to "Wash your hands with soap after using the bathroom" or else...Bad thangs will happen to you! Google #CDiff if you think we are kidding. @coffeeproductions @lukewarmcoffee #coffeeproductions #agencycreatove #psa #hospitalcouncil #commercials #commercialshoot #fs700 #texasfilm #broadcast  Permatex Water SEALant commercial shoot with Director Rocky Powell. Yes, that seal is balancing a cold one on his schnozzo! @lukewarmcoffee @score11 @sharona1123 #rockhousefilms #richardsgroup #mps #commercialshoot #commercials #texasfilm #trainedseal #beeroclock
 Our sound designer Kevin Brown doing final playback for our Doritos "Bold Taste Experiment" spots that introduce their new "Jacked" Flavors. #coffeeproductions #kdbentertainment #commercialshoot #webspots #doritos #soundmix  So very thankful to have my 2nd mama and papa bear here at RockHouse. Sharon Reinschmiedt our EP and Steve "Da Grizzly" Corie, our DP extraordinaire. Blessed both professionally and personally by their great friendships. @sharona1123 @score11 @lukewarmcoffee #commercialshoot #redcamera #texasfilm #coffeeproductions #rockhousefilms #commercials #tvproduction

  • “Watching the video for the first time truly brought tears to my eyes because they were able to capture the essence of our organization in a few short minutes.”

    Jessica Gates, Executive Director :: Elizabeth Toon Charities
  • "Trust them with your business, and they'll do for you way more than you expect, and then some."

    Leo Santos, Creative Director :: The Marketing Arm
  • "Luke is the only other director I've ever brought on in our 20 years as a company. He's that good, plus a cool cat who directs as good as he dances."

    Rocky Powell, Founder/Director :: RockHouse Films
  • “I am constantly impressed with Luke’s directorial skill, comic timing and ability to squeeze great production value out of the slimmest of budgets.”

    Artie Megibben, Creative Director :: Agency Creative
  • "Again and again, Luke and his team bring unique and complimentary ideas to the table, enhancements that deliver results and make you proud of your project's outcome."

    Bryan Ellison, Chief Visionary Officer :: Funnel Design Group
  • "They consistently take great ideas and dial them up to eleven and create an atmosphere that has a tremendous vibe that you just want to be around."

    Steve DeVore, Managing Director :: Twin Oaks
  • "It's impossible not get caught up in Luke's animated storytelling and positive energy which he always brings to the room.”

    Sharon Reinschmiedt, Executive Producer :: RockHouse Films

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