Lon Lawson – Post Supervisor/Editor

Lon Lawson has been working in this industry since the Speed Razor & Matrox days of the 1990s. He started in Northern Virginia with a Navy-oriented production company editing documentaries for the Smithsonian, US Naval Academy, National Guard, among other military institutions around Washington D.C. Likes to brag that at one point he probably new most everything that happened during the Pacific campaign of World War II due to all the battle videos he edited and Admirals he met with.

He became the production coordinator for the multi-million-dollar Force Protection Equipment Demonstration held every two years at Quantico Marine Corps Base, when the post-9/11 surge of military hardware needed documenting and advertising.

In 2004 he moved to Dallas, graduating from the University of North Texas in three years with two degrees – a B.F.A. in Film and B.A. in Psychology. After college he worked film crew gigs, freelance edit work, and became a represented actor in Dallas. Among various commercial credits he spent two years on stage with the 26-year-running improv troupe 4 Out of 5 Doctors.

Lon has edited or managed teams editing feature films, documentaries, broadcast commercials, television shows, and spent seven months living near an alligator farm cutting reality TV footage for Country Music Television. He also won a $10,000 video contest for CBS and in his secret-nerd-online-life he runs a pop culture website with over thirteen million users.

Coffee Productions absorbed him in December 2011. If he’s not editing a project with Luke, he’s designing a photoshoot with his company LivLux, specializing in bodypaint portraits and elaborate sets.