SHARON REINSCHMIEDT – Executive Producer

Sharon is a seasoned commercial producer who has been in the production business for over 20 years. Sharon began her production career in 1990 where she quickly moved from Office Production Assistant to Producer. She worked with several directors and individual companies producing numerous television commercials and live events. In the fall of ‘98 she began producing for Rocky Powell at Rock House Films. Since then she has produced commercials for WalMart, Southwest Airlines, Harrah’s Casinos, Hasbro Toys, Verizon, Phillips 66 and CNBC, where she won an Emmy for “I Am CNBC”. She has produced commercials that have included 3 Presidents and various celebrities, including Morgan Freeman, Meryl Streep, Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts.

Sharon has become the “Mama Bear” at RockHouse Studio making sure that all the boys there play nice, and that none of the testosterone boils over. Coffee Productions has been blessed to have her on our team as our list of clientele grows, and our shoots become bigger and better. She knows how to make our partners feel so very comfortable, and extinguish any and all anxiety for them. Sharon brings so much value to our productions as the “seasoned pro” as she leads our team with not only ambition, but a joyful smile to keep both crew and client at the greatest of ease leading to a wonderful experience for both her crew and of course our clients.
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