Luke Coffee – Producer/Director


After graduating from Baylor University with a BA in Film/TV, Luke Coffee moved to Hollywood to pursue his lifelong passion for film and storytelling. He spent five years working long hours as the post-production coordinator on two primetime television shows for both Warner Brothers and NBC/Universal, while spending the TV hiatus working countless roles on various types of sets to gain more knowledge of the industry. After LA, Luke moved across the world to Cape Town, South Africa for six months producing a pilot for a travel-reality series entitled “Gypsy Kings” that was geared toward the World Cup.

In 2010, Luke Coffee moved back to his hometown Dallas,TX establishing his full service production house under the umbrella of his mentor director Rocky Powell’s company RockHouse Films. Luke has produced/directed everything from music videos to corporate industrials and web-based content to broadcast commercials even earning national accolades for his first few spots. Luke was brought on as a producer for Rocky’s first feature film Language of a Broken Heart which had a successful theatrical run opening in 10 cities nationwide. In the last few years, Coffee has directed his first feature documentary entitled Old Man Football, co-wrote, produced and directed the TV pilot Cubicle Cowboy while also partnering on several other pilot projects. Luke will produce the feature he has co-written Texas Angel alongside Powell who will direct the film. The narrative, which is based on a true story, is in pre-production. In 2016 Coffee was officially added to the roster become the 2nd ever Rockhouse Films director alongside his mentor Rocky. Over the last few years he has partnered with  The Marketing Arm, Agency Creative, Greenlight and ProPac Marketing to produce and direct content for brands like Doritos, FedEx Office, YMCA, SPCA, and Gold’s Gym to name just a few.

Coffee is a working actor, booking various roles in national commercials, music videos, television and feature films. His recent highlights include co-starring roles on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”, “Las Vegas”, Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Chase” and a lead role in Ridley Scott’s “The Hunt,” which was shot in South Africa. He also played a supporting role as the jock ‘Drake’ in Rocky’s feature romantic comedy. Luke has used his many experiences in front of the camera to aid in every project as he hones his skillset as a seasoned Director.  Luke Coffee has also  been a featured artist in the publication Art House America.

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