Adam Cole – Editor/Shooter/Composer

A great man once said, “It’s a shame I don’t have multiple heads, because I wear so many hats!”

The man that said that was neither a man nor great. He, like the phrase, was made up in a weak attempt at eliciting a “chuckle” from you.

What’s not fictional is the very real Adam Cole. Videographer. Writer. Musician. Actor. Editer. Eddittor. Editor.

After high school adam moved to Chicago to sign with Chicago based record label Naïveté Records. After some time he moved back to dallas and wrote and performed as True Achiever, gaining rave reviews from UCLA radio and Razorcake magazine. He’s also a key member of the 80’s hair band QUIETVIPER🐍 alongside Luke Coffee. Check out one of his classic tunes “Madness in a Nutshell” here…

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Adam made his way into video production after years of teaching music to children of all ages. While entering production somewhat later in life, Adam is no stranger to production as he was a child actor from Dallas who was selected by the prestigious Mary Grady agency to live and work in Los Angeles. These days, it’s his renewed enthusiasm BEHIND THE SCENES that drives him to the perfectionism he strives to maintain with any project he has the privilege of working on.

After starting Butter Boys Production with Andrew Hajek in 2013, his knowledge of real world video production problem solving (whew!) grew more than ever. And after coming full circle and being tapped yet again to go to Los Angeles to be recognized for the work Butter Boys had done with their new client, Rustoleum NeverWet, his desire to produce engaging content was becoming stronger than ever.

That is why it is it is so exciting to be working alongside the incredibly talented staff and creatives at Coffee Productions.